New release

On the fourteenth of June 

Hope Beyond Suffering

Cordially invites you 

to celebrate fourteen years of a music marriage

from the high notes to the low notes

both now and forevermore

Available now on all major streaming platforms

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Hope Beyond Suffering

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A unique husband-wife duo project broken up into small stories of hope and encouragement for the listener. The album is told through an arrangement of musical styles of rock and metal. Sung by the wonderful vocal talent of Vannah Brammell

You can also hear the original cut of the album on Soundcloud

Behold the Dawn

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Behold the Dawn is the story of a believer that finds themselves tempted by the world in an ongoing process to find the true meaning of life. 

Experience all three chapters of Behold the Dawn
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God Save My Soul (2012)/This is Between Me and God (2015)

God Save My Soul was the debut album which began a story of confusion and emptiness. Recorded entirely by Jesse Hurtak and Drew Brammell. It's ambitious follow-up This is Between Me and God took a much heavier more angsty approach to the story.

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This Is Between Me and God ReMETALed (2021)

Oh God What Have I Done (2018)

The definitive version of the angsty follow-up album continuing the narrative by focusing on personal and spiritual issues. This story is told through a thrash metal style with harsh vocals. Includes bonus cover "Days of Elijah".

The final chapter of Behold the Dawn which wraps up the story through realization, remorse and forgiveness. The dark tone of this album lend itself well to the Nu Metal sound.