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About BTD Music Studios

BTD Music Studios is a completely in-home music studio. All productions from BTD Music Studios are owned and operated by Drew and Vannah Brammell.


The primary purpose of BTD Music Studios is telling stories through music using a wide range of genres. Our music offers something to the listener that can't easily be replicated through live music. 



BTD Music Studios uses Presonus Studio One DAW Software, Blackstar Architect, and Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 for all recording. For musical equipment BTD Music Studios uses Shure microphones, Blackstar amplifiers, ESP, Ibanez, and Fender guitars. All music is mastered and distributed by LANDR. 


Talent First

Being a home studio on a budget BTD Music Studios focuses on talent rather than spectacle. We push to get the best product we can within our range of abilities. Therefore we do not rely on autotune or samples.  
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